Hyde & Sikh(2004)

6:19 Mins - Short/Live Action

SYNOPSIS:Hyde's Sikh girlfriend, Sarina (Poorna Jagannathan), breaks up with him under pressure from her parents to find a Sikh husband. A distraught but determined Hyde (Andy Brown) then finds a way to transform himself into the ideal Sikh husband (played by OUTSOURCED's Rizwan Manji).

ANDY'S NOTES:"Hyde and Sikh" was team D.O.A.'s entry into the 1st Annual 64 Hour Film Shootout hosted by the Asian American Filmlab. The filmmakers were given the theme "hide and seek" and 64 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film. "Hyde and Sikh" won First Runner-Up in the Shootout. This was our first film under these conditions and were quite pleased with the result!

We were given the phrase "hide and seek" at 6pm on a friday night. We settled on the idea late that night. I stayed up until the we hours of the night creating the website that Hyde finds the potion on. We shot Hyde's apartment scenes first at my own apartment in Astoria Queens (NYC). We then travel out to New Jersey to shoot the scenes at Sarina's house. Friend's of Sujit's let use their home and even appeared the film as Sarina's family! The film got big laughs at the contest screening the next week - which was all we were hoping for really!

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