"Behind the Crisis", Animation, "Love in the Backseat"(2006)

Various Lengths - Documentary / Animation / Live Action

SYNOPSIS:"Behind the Crisis" (Director, Editor) This behind-the-scenes documentary of the indie film "Quarter Life Crisis" documents the shooting process and features interviews with the actors, director, and producer. Opening Pop-ups: (Animator) A series of funny pop-up ads created for the opening scene - all done using Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. "Love in the Backseat"(Director, Editor, Animator, Voice-Over) Fictional reality show featured in the film. Segments and promos with animation created in Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

ANDY'S NOTES:Shooting the "Behind the Crisis" (behind-the-scenes doc for the dvd) for this film provided me with all-access to the production process. In the end, it proved to be much more workthan I anticipated - shooting the action around the set, interviewing the actors, and later editing down hours of footage. I would never do it again. But, being on set day in and day out removed the mistique behind the filmmaking process and gave me the confindence to direct my own film.

Creating the funny spoofs of animated pop-ups for the opening scene of the film was great fun! I created the graphic in Photoshop and animated them in Final Cut Pro (this was before I learned After Effects).

I had free reign on developing "Love in the Backseat", the TV show within the movie. I was inspired by the VH1 shows airing at the time. I created the closing credits first since it was needed for a scene shot early on. (And, I thought it would be funny to put my brother Brady's name in the credits along with other funny names I made up and have now forgotten...) Then then I worked on the openning sequence while filming the footage for the clips when the actors happened to be on set shooting their scenes together. In the promo that Angel watches in the store, I used my own voice as the announcer.

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