The Colbert Report - Green Screen Challenge (2006)

36 Sec - Animation/Live Action

SYNOPSIS:"Holochess Colbert" - Stephen battles springy monsters in this entry into Stephen Colbert's Green Screen Challenge.

ANDY'S NOTES:The Colbert Report hosted an unofficial contest called the "Stephen Colbert's Green Screen Challenge". Viewers were asked to take a clip of Stephen wielding a lightsaber against a green screen and add their own background and action. My entry, which I dubbed "Holochess Colbert", was shown as part of a montage on the October 11th show! In 2006 my entry was featured on the homepage during the Fall hiatus . Presently, you can find it here under "Green Screen Challenge Revisited". The ending "He's Crumb-believable" was taken from one of show's running jokes.

I created the animation by photographing the 1.5" tall toy monsters. I created the Holochess background in Photoshop. Then I animated it all together Final Cut Pro adding suspenseful background music.

Seeing the clip played on The Colbert Report truly made my year!

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