L'emon (2003)

10:21 mins - Short/Live Action

SYNOPSIS:"L'emon" is the latest masterwork by avant-garde filmmaker Gotham Holkar (Debargo Sanyal). What is it about? The elusive Mr. Holkar answers that question in a special "Behind the Screen" presentation.

ANDY'S NOTES:"L'emon" was our team's entry into the 2003 Midnight MovieMaking Madness short film competition in NYC (our team name was "Brando's Ghost"). The assigned genre was "Comedy" and the topic was "Competing Lemonade Stands".

The idea for this short was hatched from the mind of Ravi Kamble. We shot the interview scenes with Gotham Holker at an office building in Manhattan. Debargo improvised many of his lines. The lemonade stands were constructed by Ravi and those scenes shot near his apartment in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. The children were borrowed from Ravi's friends and did an admirable job taking verbal abuse from Debargo (They only cried once!). This film is one of the my all time favorites! It was awarded 1st Runner-Up in the "Comedy" division!

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