2011 - Present

Cris-Seas Averted starring Rosco & Roy

Masters of self-preservation, there is no crisis these Washington legislators can't handle - even on the high seas.


Congressman Jack Johnson holds a press conference to address his possible entry into the presidential race as well as his Twitter photo scandal

2009 - 2010

A Joke

A young man recounts a wintertime romance during which he confesses his love to a young woman while they are barreling down a steep sledding hill.

AT&T Commercial Contest

MoFilm hosts contest and this was our entry into the AT&T Commericial competition.

Secret Sunshine

This 1970's cop drama follows Secret Agent Sunshine as she goes undercover to expose New York City's most notorious organized crime syndicates.

Anywhere with You by The Seventeens

This upbeat, catchy tune by The Seventeens takes this duo on an adventure around Brooklyn

2005 - 2006

The Colbert Report - Green Screen Challenge

"Holochess Colbert" - Stephen battles springy monsters in this entry into Stephen Colbert's Green Screen Challenge.

Rubber Chicken: A Crime Story

Scientists have discovered a new formula that could revolutionize the rubber industry and everyone wants to get their hands on it. This silly detective yarn mixes live-action and animation.

Twins: The Sam and Chris Story

Sam (OUTSOURCED's Rizwan Manji) and Chris (Andy Brown) are "identical twins", or at least that's what their mother told them.

"Behind the Crisis", Animation, "Love in the Backseat"

"Behind the Crisis" - behind-the-scenes documentary. Pop-up animations. "Love in the Backseat" promos and clips.

Seven by Mike Previti

This haunting track, "Seven", is from Mike Previti's 2006 album EXTRAORDINARY.

2001 - 2004

Hyde and Sikh

Hyde's girlfriend, Sarina, breaks up with him under pressure from her parents to find a Sikh husband. Hyde discovers a possible solution to his problem.

Modern Day Outlaw

A meek gambler (Andy Brown) gets confidence from Modern Day Outlaw's line of alcoholic beverages.


"L'emon" is the latest masterwork by avant-garde filmmaker Gotham Holkar (Debargo Sanyal). He explains it to us in this behind the scenes documentary.

Fillum Star: The Peter Patel Story

Peter Patel (Rizwan Manji) is an Indian-American actor who becomes famous from his appearance in a Tom Cruise film.