Rubber Chicken: A Crime Story (2006)

7:56 mins - Short/Live Action/Animation

SYNOPSIS:Scientists have discovered a new formula that could revolutionize the rubber industry and everyone wants to get their hands on it. This silly detective yarn mixes live-action and animation.

ANDY'S NOTES:Originally this was a sketch written for R & R's Cavacade of Whimsy, the sketch comedy duo of Reuben Goldman and Rob Cividanes. The didn't included in their show because I just didn't seem doable on a stage. They approached me about doing as short film and I agreed, given its "film noir" style of story telling. We shot the scences over the course of weekend in various locations around Manhattan and Queens.

During the editing process, It became evident that the scenes need some extra to join them together. I ventured out on my own to shoot some extra footage. Then I created motion graphics and animation with just Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. The resulting mix of live action and animation gave this live-action short lots of visual punch!

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