On the set of "A Joke" in New Hampshire.

AT&T Commercial Contest

MoFilm hosts contests and this was our entry into the AT&T Commericial competition to showcase their superfast data network. (Top 20 Finisher!)

"Cris-Seas Averted" animated short starring Rosco & Roy

Masters of self-preservation, there is no crisis these Washington legislators can't handle - even on the high seas.

Thanks for the Memories Stephen Colbert...

Watch Holochess Colbert

... Some Comedy Shorts

Secret Sunshine

This 1970's cop drama follows Secret Agent Sunshine as she goes undercover to expose New York City's most notorious organized crime syndicates.


Congressman Jack Johnson holds a press conference to address his possible entry into the presidential race as well as his Twitter photo scandal

Twins: The Sam and Chris Story

Sam (OUTSOURCED's Rizwan Manji) and Chris (Andy Brown) are "identical twins", or at least that's what their mother told them.